About Us

Welcome to the Armidale and Region Aboriginal Cultural Centre and Keeping Place Inc. It trades as the Aboriginal Cultural Centre and Keeping Place Inc. (ACCKP). It is a community-based centre where you can experience the diversity of Australian Indigenous arts and culture. 
When you walk into our Centre, you will be greeted by one of our kind and friendly staff members, ready to answer questions and assist you in your quest to learn about Aboriginal culture.

There are many sections at the Centre such as a gallery, café, gift shop, history room, an artists’ boutique, and a conference room. Traditional Aboriginal paintings are for sale through our gallery and artists’ boutique. Other sections include a two more exhibition spaces for artefact and photographic exhibitions. The ACCKP also has a bush tucker walk, painted pathway, tribal village, labyrinth and Friends of the ACCKP garden.

The ACCKP has significant collections of genealogy, artworks and artefacts. As a cultural centre it presents an annual community focused program covering exhibitions, workshops, public and educational programs

Eight art exhibitions, six photographic exhibitions and six artefact exhibitions are opened in a year.  Aboriginal Men's gatherings, Aboriginal Women's gatherings, a Black and White Photography Club meetings and Friends of the ACCKP activities are held on a monthly basis. Besides those, the Centre runs workshops for school children and tours for tourists on a weekly basis. Holiday Programs are run quarterly during school holidays.

The Centre also works with other organisations such as the NSW Aboriginal Land Council and the New England Regional Art Gallery (NERAM) who have MOUs with the Centre to maximize Aboriginal cultural outcomes for the community. This is done through the exhibition of Aboriginal artefacts from the Tingha Collection that belongs to the NSW Aboriginal Land Council and taking objects on loan from NERAM. The Centre has been successfully working with over 70 Aboriginal artists from the New England region and will continue to do so year after year. Traditional Aboriginal paintings by Aboriginal artists are for sale all year round at the Centre.

High quality cultural tours and workshops are run throughout the year. Rooms are hired out for private functions and conferences. Catering can be provided for these functions. There is also a well-stocked gift shop at the Centre with Aboriginal artefacts and gifts which can be customized. The Centre added a café in July 2010 called Echidna Café to cater for the increasing demand for Aboriginal inspired cakes and sweets.

As stated above the ACCKP houses and exhibits the Tingha Green Valley Collection. This collection was purchased by the NSW Aboriginal Land Council at an auction. The Tingha Green Valley collection includes over 700 artefacts from all mainland states in Australia, collected by Mr Clarrie Smith, a Tingha resident, now deceased. The collection was acquired by the Green Valley Farm operators who used the collection as an attraction at their holiday camping facility. It was then acquired by the NSW Aboriginal Land Council in 1996, which organised for the collection to be catalogued and stored at the ACCKP in 1999. The Tingha collection includes several items of ceremonial or secret/sacred nature, several carved & scarred trees, with a high percentage of the collection consisting of stone tools and implements. A large portion of the stone tools and implements from the Tingha collection have been ascribed to Terri Hie in Moree. This is believed to be one of the largest & most significant Bora (ceremonial & gathering) grounds in Western NSW. The Moree artefacts within the Tingha collection include twenty-four grindstones of various sizes with another seven grindstones from Barraba. Most of these grindstones can be attributed to traditional women’s business.

The Centre also houses other collections such as the RTA stone collection, ACCKP artefact collection, ACCKP stone collection, Bobbert stone collection, ACCKP painting collection, ACCKP electronic family history collection and ACCKP book collection.

The centre is in partnership with various organisations and businesses in the region. A Corporate Partnership program was introduced in 2008 with four levels of partnership. In 2011 a similar program was introduced for individuals to become “Friends of the ACCKP’.

The reason why we do what we do is to:

  •        promote Aboriginal culture through programs and celebrations
  •        record and keep local and national Aboriginal history
  •        display Aboriginal art, relics and crafts
  •        encourage archival collection of Aboriginal objects
  •        engage electronic media to local, national and international audiences
  •        promote creativity within the Aboriginal community
  •        facilitate and encourage cross cultural learning
  •        foster an entrepreneurial culture
  •        collaborate with other organisations for mutual benefit
  •        create artistic and non-artistic opportunities for Aboriginal people
  •        provide a venue for Aboriginal community functions and celebrations

As a registered organization, we have a Board of Custodians which is elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting. The Board, headed by a chair meets once a month. General policy decisions are the responsibility of the Board, along with the creation of a strategic plan for the Centre, and the establishment of methods of implementing the plan and evaluating this implementation. To ensure that everyone works happily together, we have a Grievance Policy.  
The Board of Custodians is responsible for appointing a director to conduct the day-to-day management of the association and for managing all staff and volunteers in accordance with the Constitution. The Director represents the Centre on various committees.

Financial resources are obtained via grant approval, from our sponsors, sale of art work from exhibitions, shop sales, café sales, education programs, hiring of rooms, catering for functions, and cultural workshops held at the Centre.

We look forward to welcoming you here at the Centre to have a full Aboriginal cultural experience.


Art and cultural workshops are available for groups. Advance booking is essential. Activities for all ages are available.


Art Gallery

Discover contemporary and traditional Aboriginal art with changing exhibitions. We sell top quality, authentic Australian Aboriginal art all year round.


Gift Shop

Buy an authentic Australian gift for yourself or a loved one from our wide variety of stock such as didgeridoos, jewellery, clothes, decorated pots, prints, greeting cards and a large selection of genuine Aboriginal souvenirs.

Echinda Café

Book a table at our café and enjoy scrumptious snacks and meals.

Open Mon-Fri, 9.00am-4.00pm. 

Lunch is served from 12.00-3.00pm