27th July-28th September 2017

The Aboriginal Cultural Centre & Keeping Place opened 3 new exhibitions on the 27th July. The first is an exhibition entitled ACCKP Permanent Collection 1, the second is a photographic exhibition entitled Together as One. The final exhibition is an artefact collection entitled Traditional Aboriginal Spears and Woomeras. There was no formal opening for this exhibition.

The Aboriginal Cultural Centre & Keeping Place Permanent Collection 1 is made up of works by 28 artists from around New South Wales. The artworks have been collected over the years from artists that have presented at Centre in previous exhibitions. They were purchased by the Centre and added to the permanent collection.

The photographic exhibition entitled, Together as One is by the ACCKP’s local men’s group that meets once a month at the Centre.The Armidale Aboriginal Men’s Group is a group with interests specifically focused on culture, creative arts, language and personal cultural identity. The purpose is to encourage learning and sharing of local Aboriginal culture that will strengthen Aboriginal men in Armidale, with a particular focus on individuality followed by family and community. The meetings operate under a self-organised framework whereby the men prioritise activities, meeting timetable and discussions, which are in line with the broader management and corporate plan of the Armidale & Region Aboriginal Cultural Centre and Keeping Place Inc.

The artefact exhibition entitled, Traditional Aboriginal Spears and Woomeras are from the ACCKP collection and the Tingha Green Valley collection. Those that are on display were used by Australian Aboriginal men across Australia. The spears and woomeras reflect the geographic location of the different tribes. For example, coastal tribes used fish bones to tip their weapons, whereas desert tribes used stones.The 'woomera' is a version of a spear thrower and is an Aboriginal invention.

 The woomera acts as a simple lever to increase the speed at which a spear is thrown, thus increasing the distance the spear travels. The woomera is made of wood, and acts as an extension of the thrower's arm. All spears were made differently in each region and around Australia to catch animals that were best suited for the spear.

 The exhibitions will be on display until the 25th September. The public is welcome to come and view the exhibitions.




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