25 July 2019 - 25 November 2019

The Aboriginal Cultural Centre & Keeping Place opened three new exhibitions on the 25th July 2019.

The first is an exhibition entitled Jaligiirr-da (In the tree), an exhibition of works by Alison Williams. The second New & Old Dreaming-Paintings by Wiruungga Dunggiirr & Lindsay Donovan. The third exhibition is a collection of paintings entitled Men's Role in Traditional Living.

Alison Williams’s exhibition, Jaligiirr-da (In the tree) is made up of ceramic pieces including plates, bowls, masks and paintings. Alison’s expertise in ceramics has allowed her to teach and exhibit in Canada as well as Australia. In 2017 Alison’s painting Turtle Clan won first prize in the House With No Steps Art Competition.

Alison Williams is a descendant of the Gumbaynggirr Nation and is recognised as one of the leading contemporary Indigenous artists on the North Coast of NSW. Alison has been practising art since she was a young child and has practiced professionally for approximately 20 years.  She produces a diverse range of fine arts from fibre crafts and sculpture to drawings and paintings. Alison is also Director of the Yarrawarra Aboriginal Cultural Centre in Corinda Beach NSW.

“I am a strong advocate for cultural awareness and strive, as a Gumbaynggirr descendant and artist, to share the wisdom and knowledge of my culture. I believe that understanding is the key to acceptance and therefore unity.”

The second exhibition features the combined works of father and son Wiruungga Dunggiirr & Lindsay Donovan respectively.  This exhibition is entitled New & Old Dreaming to reflect the works across two generations. Both artists are also from the Gumbaynggirr Aboriginal Nation.  

Wiruungga is a well-known and well respected Aboriginal elder from Nambucca Heads on the mid north coast of New South Wales.  As well as his art interest Wiruungga Dunggiirr established his Wiruungga Foundation and he travels throughout   Australia with this organisation sharing the stories passed down to him by his four grandfathers and helping those in need. He is committed to dedicating his time to educating non-Indigenous and Indigenous people about First Nations’ culture through story-telling, dance, music and other arts and crafts

”I’m from the Namba Gumbaynggirr Nation, in New South Wales, Nambucca Heads. I am an Elder of the Namba Gumbaynggirr Nation. I teach Aboriginal studies in spiritual healings, bush tucker, bush medicines, rituals from the Never-Never, dance, ceremonies, fire ceremonies, making boomerangs and stone tools.”

Lindsay Donovan is Wirruungga’s son and currently lived in Kempsey. .


The third exhibition entitled Men’s Role in Traditional Living, is made up of paintings from the Permanent Collection of the Armidale and Regional Aboriginal Cultural & Keeping Place. The artwork on display has been selected to show the types of activities that Aboriginal men performed in their roles in traditional societies. This exhibition includes water colour, acrylic and drawing pictures.

These three exhibitions are on display until the 25th November 2019. The public is encouraged to come and view the exhibitions.


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